An Open Letter To The Girl Who’s Been Struggling To Make Things Right

May you have a good life ahead because I believe that you deserve only the best.

There are things in life that we can never take back. Worse, sometimes, there’s also a part of us that we can’t take back as well. I know that you’ve been struggling to make things right. Trust me, I understand. It might be a very important thing that you’ve messed up big time and you just can’t do anything about it.

There could be this guy who loved you wholeheartedly but you’ve let him go just like that. Or maybe, you’ve promised yourself you wouldn’t do such thing ever again but still you did. Maybe, you told yourself that this time, you would strive even harder to be a better version of yourself but still, you have failed on doing such.

It may seem impossible at first. Yes, we can never turn back time. If only we could build a time machine then we wouldn’t be drowning in memories and living in regrets right now. But this is reality, this is all we’ve got. We have to live it right before we commit another mistake again. No matter what we do, we can never say that we wouldn’t fail again because we would. Yes, over and over again. That’s life. That’s how it is. You have to remember that even if life could be so hard and hopeless, there would always be a light that would shine upon us.

Remind yourself that it’s okay to fall. It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay to have pimples. It’s okay to have scars on your legs because you fell when your friend was teaching you how to ride a bicycle way back in grade school. It’s okay not to know the answer to your Math test. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to have insecurities and worries. It’s okay to cry and feel sad. It’s okay. It’s normal.

It’s okay to have insecurities and worries. It’s okay to cry and feel sad.

God has been waking us up every morning to remind us that every single day is a new chance to set things right. Have you ever tried waking up while smiling and just appreciating the morning breeze or how beautiful the sunshine is? Try it. The best things in life are free and sometimes, the most beautiful of them all is the ones we tend to take for granted. Sometimes, because we want to set our eyes directly on what we want to have or achieve, we forget to look at the things that brought us to where we are right now. If you think the definition of being able to say you’re blessed is by having a new car or a new phone, then you’re missing out on a lot of things. Those are just additional trinkets of happiness but apparently, they don’t sum up the real meaning of bliss. The mere fact that you are here in this world, you have your family with you, a few friends who are true, a roof over your head and food on your table. Those are little things that truly matter. Yes, you’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, but your past doesn’t define who you really are. God is always there to give you unlimited chances because He believes in your innate kindness and He’s just waiting for all of it to radiate and come out. He believes in you so you must believe in yourself as well. Even if things may not seem to make sense anymore, try to hold on to hope.

Trust God that He has a perfect and right timing for everything and that someday, you’ll be able understand the reasons behind every trial that you have experienced in the past. Life is beautiful and so are you. May you have a good life ahead because I believe that you deserve only the best.


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