Perspective about Some Changes

It’s strange to think about it now, knowing—I don’t know, they said I have change, they said I’m not the one they used to know. Actually, I never did. I just grew up. You can’t be two at the same time, you need to choose who you are and choose the person who keeps on moving forward and improving herself. For me, I just learned that to cope up with life is to deal with it like a chamberlain of cheerful smiles and happiness. They said that people who makes other people happy are sad because they know how terrible it is to feel worthless. But somehow Iife is just life, you go as long as you’re living, as long as you can feel your heart beat, as long as you’re breathing, as long as you can take the challenges of life. Sure is, I never expected myself to be in this particular place, to be in this position that I have imagined but I never know how to see it coming. Yeah, maybe it’s just that I’m meant to experience this part because God planned me to discover something in this chapter that I’m going through with. But it kinda feels like, I’m overwhelmed to feel all of these, it is a little upbeat that my life has taken its place to the next level.

God has a purpose, so whatever comes in my way I will handle it with trust in the Lord and believing that I can do it. I know how amazing it is to prove to someone that you did what they thought you will never do but you actually did it, I’ve been there and I know how it feels, it feels great to accomplish something knowing you have proved yourself capable of and so worth it. I know a lot of things are soon to be coming, and all I can do is to take it, grab the opportunity and seize to achieve my goals. There’s a lot more out there, where you will experience a lot, a lot of pain, a lot of happiness, the sadness, the bliss, your fears, your strengths, there’s a lot to be discovered that you still  haven’t know. Just keep on being positive, determined, and your faith to God. Always keep your eyes open to possibilities.

But also there are people out there I thought I can change, which I thought I can be friends with, the thing is, there are just those different people you thought you can read yet they’re so certain about bad things that you’re not open with, so you cannot really know what they want and who they are. It’s crazy knowing I can read people but I guess I need to know more about them before telling them who they are. I’m not judging though, It’s just a feeling that I need to tell it to that certain person for his/her own good. But in the end I regret doing it so, because they take it in a bad way. Oh well, people see things in different aspects and neither can be both the same as one, cause people think differently. Maybe one can say that they have the same thought or idea but not exact as they thought it is.

Maybe I met these certain people in my life to learn from them. Maybe I was brought to this certain place to encounter some particular situations that I should face, from getting out of my comfort zone. To be someone else, to find what I’m capable of, to be a better person and to be dependent of myself.


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