Have a Break

Do we have a break? All those late night studies, pulling up an all-nighter just to finish a project or assignment, drinking a lot of coffee just to keep you from falling asleep. All those struggles of a student to finish and graduate school as soon as possible, I understand you because I, too is a student coping up with these problems.

You probably thought about skipping classes or not attending the whole day just to stay in the warm comforts of your bed, all snuggled up with your eyes close, daydreaming peacefully but then you remember it’s the deadline for your project and you have to pass an assignment, and worst, you’re going to have a quiz for the first period and you should get up early and dress up quickly so as not to be late. In short you really have to go to school. You certainly want to stay in your bed all day having a lazy day. But your dreams, future plans and inspirations are what keeps you going.

These struggles causes depression, stress, anxiety. You become angry towards everything because of too much stress and depression going on. It affects everything in your life, and the effect? You begin to break down and feel down, it’s okay to break down but if it’s too much it can cause you from mental break down and your body totally shut down. Exhausted and tired from struggling and studying hard. Especially when you add your fully-loaded schedule that you don’t even have enough time for other things.

Take a little break, stop for a while and think positive, relax your mind and throw away all the negative energy. Have some fun while you continue to go on with your life. You deserve a break from all those sacrifices you’re making but never stop, just keep going until you graduate and reach your dreams.

Overthinking and stressing out are mostly cause by studying too much,  we need a little break too in order to think clearly on what’s in front of us, to determine well all the life’s situation, to overcome problems that we have. We are humans who gets tired, we don’t have the ability or superpowers to know all the answers and memorize all the things that we read in books. We understand a lot of things but a mind can be full, and if you add more when it’s already full, it will overflow. So, have a break.


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