Perfect Style

He's tall I've been told
He's crazy and amazingly incredible
He's handsome with naughty tattoos
He joke around like he always do
(You know him)

And those green eyes, deep eyes

Take off my lonely mood 
And travel 'til midnight in one way route
But I need to drive a thousand miles
Just to see you and your perfect style

Having those secret little rendezvous
To see you in that familiar suit
You made my day with your dimpled smile
To be with you and your perfect style

He likes causing trouble up in hotel room
But I like to dance with him beneath the moon
His silly strange words made me curious
Like singing his songs out of tune

Those dimples on your cheeks when you smile
Your James Dean daydream green eyes
And seamlessly curly dark brown hair
You can't be just any pair

But I'm just another wide-eyed girl
Who's desperately in love in your curls
I know you're a hard to reach superstar
But I wanted to see you even just for a while

Because of your deep green eyes

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