The Idea of Love

I fell so easily because of how I was curious about people, about their story that I want to hear and I end up wanting to be part of it. It’s always a mystery. It’s tremendously thrilling getting to know people, who the real them, what made them that way, who they are before they become someone else. The way someone tells a joke, when someone looks at me with something in their eyes or glances at me and stares deeply. For me, it’s so enchanting when people laugh, I magnetically smiled because I’m so into their positive energy. And maybe I’m hardly in love with the idea of love, with love stories, grand romantic gestures, on how two people fall in love, on how happy they look at, the feeling of being in love with someone special.

Fairytale has taken my mind of scenarios which sometimes is just brought by creativity and vision of my mind. It’s the idea that took place inside my head to my heart to be drawn completely to the feeling of being in love. But the actual truth is, I’m only in love into the idea of love.


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