People Change, Feelings Fade

Right now, I can see those people that made me feel butterflies in my stomach already happy with someone else, good for them though. I just remember back to those long glances and stares, to the jokes they made to make me notice them and look their way. Now, it’s probably just a memory of a little bliss and sweet happiness that made part of my life. It’s probably all those reminiscing when I bumped into them or see them at school.

How strange that feelings are so quick to change, maybe faster than a blink of an eye.

What I didn’t know is when I was falling for someone else, they already chasing someone else too, I wasn’t aware of that but they are still into me. I can tell by how they look at me or when I would turn my head and catch them looking at me. It’s those feelings and memories that I’m gonna miss, not them exactly, not who they are but the moments with them. I totally moved on but I say I didn’t forget because I can still remember all about it.

It’s just that I accepted the fact and I know how life goes on that everyone of us need to move forward and find yourself out.

You don’t need someone to be loved, you need to love yourself because it’s always you that is always there for yourself in the end. You may be accompanied or comforted by your family or friends but you should consider a priority of giving love to yourself too. You are a one strong woman and no one can take you down and beat you up. Stand up and win the fight, who says you need to be saved by a man?

You can be a Queen without a King alright. What we need is self-love.


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