Still waiting…

A significance of time, yes I’m patiently waiting for something or someone out there to come and happen in my life. I am so ready to fall, awfully ready to give love to that special someone, very ready to give and do whatever it takes when it comes to love. Yet I have no one to give it with, still searching, still exploring what’s around me and whose living in it.

For so long I’m seeking for a guy who’s gonna treat me like a princess, who’s gonna do things to me like in the movies, who’s gonna create a fairytale story with me, who’s gonna hold my hands and stay with me for worst or for better, to that guy who’s gonna be with me for the rest of my life. I actually wanna do the sweet and romantic things that lovers do, the feelings, the emotions, the exceptionally unconditional love, everything about it, everything about love. I am so ready to fall in love and to love wholeheartedly, I am so ready that nobody can take me down, I am so ready that they become afraid to grab me that they’ll get bruises when they tried to seize me.

It’s so clear to everyone that people are so drawn to me and they are obviously in love, but why can’t they take it? Why can’t they take me? I am so ready that they are afraid to lose to me, that I will win their heart even if I’ve done it already. I am so ready and they are not, so I need to keep on waiting. Waiting for a guy who’s ready to catch me from falling in love.


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